3 Ways to Detect an Untrustworthy Person Via Body Language

4 min readMay 28, 2018

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It is quite obvious that you can barely trust another to be true in this ever-changing world and I believe this is a result of a dramatic lack of positive consistency.

Whether you are seeking consistency of laughter through someone or someone to constantly like your photos or even someone to be honest to you consistently, it isn’t hard to be beneficially consistent, so why do so many people lack positive consistency? It is much like a favourite quote of mine “The best athletes always stretch thoroughly prior to a physical activity, so why don’t you?” All the best athletes do one thing in common and they do it consistently, so why don’t you?

It’s obvious that consistency can domino into a million more beneficial and practical factors, so why aren’t you consistent? or why isn’t your boss or your close friend? More importantly, how do you know when that rare 1% of the population has approached you or entered your life? Well, I’m going to outline one thing that demonstrates (to me) the makeup of a consistent person that can be detected physically and very easily, and that thing is Body Language. Mastering the art of reading body language is absolutely dimensional and intensively extensive but entering the world of beginning to read body language is extremely simple and it starts with these three main things.

The following is generally only useful and effective within conversation that has minimal distractions (ie. the office, seated at a table, coffee dates, a meeting etc.).

  1. Eye Contact: A person who is trustworthy (which is also 90% of the makeup of a consistent person) will demonstrate real eye contact. Let’s face it, if we don’t like someone then we REALLY don’t like looking at them, especially at their eyes. Only intrigued people or people that genuinely care for you will look you in the eyes during conversation.
  2. Body Position: A person who is true and upfront will subconsciously (or if they have somewhat mastered the art of body language they might be doing it consciously) be facing their feet towards you and if they aren’t true well their feet will simply always be pointing away from you during a physically static conversation.




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